Friday 28th December 2007

Yesterday I was taken for a trip to the zoo. I think they take me at intervals so that I can appreciate how lucky I am not to live in a cage. Unfortunately, as it usually involves burgers for lunch for everyone except me, I usually end up feeling that I am a hard done by dog, rather than the spoilt dog that they think I am.

I’m afraid this diet thing is getting a bit out of paw. My mistress dropped a Frostie into her slipper and had crunched it with her foot before tipping it out as lots of tiny crumbs. “Go on then,” she said, “eat up.” “Do you really think I am going to stoop so low as to try to pick those bits up?” I asked indignantly. Now to be fair as soon as her back was turned, I did pick every last crumb up but I would hate her to think that is my role in life.

Belgian opening times strike again. We are trying to pack everything up to move house. Unfortunately, my mistress has run out of boxes. She has tried ringing a local removals company to see if she can buy some but so far has only had dealings with a short answerphone message in Flemish, which seems to give no indication as to when they might be there to answer the phone. Anyone got any boxes?

We’re having a quiet day today, which I hope will involve a nice walk for me. If nothing else it gives me a respite from the constant noise of the Playstation. It wouldn’t be so bad if they varied which game they play, but it is the same one over and over. It isn’t even one that my mistress and I had heard of, for which we were called ‘stupid’ by a five year old!