Thursday 15th November 2007

I am starting to thing that my master is just a mirage who passes through occasionally. Maybe he is a figment of my imagination. Worse, maybe he is a figment of my mistress’s imagination. He did come home and see me on my birthday but then he went again the following day. He has gone to see Helen who is in hospital with quincy and glandular fever. I’m not exactly sure when he’s coming back, it has almost got to the point where he has gone before he has arrived. When he is here he complains about my dog hairs everywhere, but as I say to him “why leave a perfectly good side of the bed going to waste?” If it is no use to him then I may as well take the opportunity of snuggling up to my mistress. An unfortunate side effect does seem to be a large amount of dog hair and mud on the bed, but you would have thought he would be grateful that I was taking such good care of my mistress in his absence.

On the bright side at least the central heating is now fully working and the house has reached an adequate temperature. I was also grateful that the sun shone for long enough yesterday to allow me to go for a water-free walk. I do so hate getting my fur wet. I turned round on Monday because it started hailing and whilst my mistress might have an extra coat on, I did not. Then I turned round Tuesday because the rain was quite heavy and it was my birthday. Yesterday’s sunshine made a welcome change. It was still cold, but I guess I can’t have everything. The moles don’t seem to have understood that it is cold. I offered to drop a thermometer down their holes but my mistress said it would be a waste of a good thermometer.