Friday 16th November 2007

I’m not bitter that I won’t be seeing the Eiffel Tower. I am not disappointed that I won’t get to visit the Louvre. I will be just as happy playing with Spencer. To be honest my mistress would be happier playing with Spencer than she would be going up the Eiffel Tower. She has been two thirds of the way up but insisted on doing it by the stairs rather than the lift and even that was a bit too much for her. I tell her it isn’t the height she needs to worry about, just the hitting the ground, but she goes a bit wobbly so I don’t think she’ll try it. I on the other hand am planning to have my paws firmly on the ground.

I am a little bit worried that she has enrolled on a “Writing your novel” course to give her a bit of support in the book she is about to write. My concern is that she is going to spend her whole life doing that and I won’t get a look in. it wasn’t so bad when she was helping me write my books, it meant she had to work with me all the time. If she is writing a crime novel I can’t see where I fit in. I had wondered about disguising myself and trying to get into character so that I could appear in the book, but she wants it to be taken seriously so I don’t think there is room for a pet detective. I suppose I am going to have my hands full with a puppy to train at some point soon, so perhaps I shouldn’t be too hard on her.

I was wondering whether to pack my birthday tug toy to take to play with Spencer but then I thought I would hate to forget to bring it home, I’d better leave it here.