Wednesday 14th November 2007

I had a card from my mum and sister and one from my granny and grandpa yesterday. It was a lovely day. I think birthdays should happen more than once a year.

Today is an exciting day, just not for me! Today is the first day that the Eurostar train runs from St Pancras International Station and not from Waterloo. My granny and grandpa are going to be on one of today’s trains going to Paris. My grandpa wanted to do that for his 82nd birthday, my mistress said she hoped she would still be doing things like that when she is 82 but frankly I think it’s unlikely. She has enough difficulty now! Just to make it run smoothly the French have organised industrial action meaning that the Metro may not be running when they get to Paris; I hope they don’t mind walking. I wanted to go to wave them off, but my mistress said she wasn’t driving me to England just for that. Instead, my mistress and master are meting them in Paris on Friday. I wanted to know why I couldn’t go but I haven’t had a satisfactory answer. My mistress did remind me that I didn’t like cities and if I wanted to go to Paris then I wouldn’t mind going to Nice again. I realised she may have a point and that choosing between that and a weekend playing with other dogs, I probably choose the dogs.

The moles seem still to be wide awake and digging. It looks so bad that I would think it would put off anyone wanting to look at the house as a place to live. I suppose the best bet would be to charge the moles rent and let them get on with it. I wonder what currency they use.