Friday 9th November 2007

Me caught having 40 winks

There has been a bit of a gale blowing here and I’m not sure that I like it. It doesn’t help that my mistress is insisting on sitting outside in the conservatory. When I say outside, I don’t mean strictly speaking with no roof, I just mean not in the main house. The roof of the conservatory is some sort of corrugated plastic (I suppose there is a more fancy technical expression but to me it is corrugated plastic) and it is very noisy when there is a gale blowing outside. My mistress said if I didn’t like it I could go inside but she didn’t want to come and I like being where she is.

I liked the house we went to see yesterday, mainly because the man was nice and said hello to me too. These things are important when you are a dog. My mistress says they are quite important when you are a human too. Now we just have to see whether the house is still available when we actually need it, which isn’t for a few weeks yet. There are only so many houses you can live in at the same time, although clearly there are people in the world who haven’t yet appreciated this and seem to buy them in lots of different places. Imagine the problem of having to keep that many bone cupboards well stocked. It doesn’t bear thinking about. I suppose you have ‘staff’ to do things like that for you. I could have my own personal butler, now there’s a thought. I suppose my only hope of that will be to train the new puppy to do things for me, but I don’t think I can trust bone cupboard restocking to another dog, there are too many things that could go wrong.