Thursday 8th November 2007

I’ve done it. I’ve lost weight. I am now a whole kilogramme lighter than I was a couple of weeks ago. I don’t need to eat carrots anymore. I may of course still choose to eat carrots as long as they are additional to meat and biscuits, but I don’t have to make do with them instead. You can’t know what a relief that is. I now need to make sure I don’t over do it and get back to a situation where my mistress is so hard on me. We had a discussion on whether I wanted my dog food ration slightly increased again or whether I wanted some human food when my mistress is eating. Tough call? No I don’t think so. Which would you choose regular shaped pellets of dog food or marzipan? I opt for marzipan. At least it means I won’t be on a diet for my birthday next week. It would have been very sad not to be able to eat my own birthday cake. I do presume my mistress will be making a cake for me, that seems to happen for the human birthdays around here.

I have received news that Christmas is not going to be quiet in our house. Not only will the children be there but both sets of my grandparents are coming too, the human ones not the dog ones. I am presuming that is going to make me one very spoiled dog. I’m planning to make the most of this last couple of months of being an only dog before I find myself having to share everyone’s affections with a new playmate. We are off to look at somewhere to live now so I had better go. I am supposed to be on my best behaviour to show that it is ok for me to live there. I pointed out that it wasn’t really me they needed to worry about. I have never drawn on the walls!