Saturday 10th November 2007

Typical teenagers. I am here because it is Helen’s birthday and is she here to see me? No. She is out with her friends and we have to leave before she gets back. I hope this isn’t her way of getting out of a birthday lick from me. Girls can be very funny about things like that.

I am all packed up and ready to go back to Belgium. I can’t wait to get home and know everything is in the right place. I do find all this travelling can be very confusing for a dog. I am going to my grandparents on the way, at least I know where I am there. I know I will be spoilt and played with and best of all fed scraps. We can’t go until my mistress has loaded the car. We seem to be taking a lot of empty suitcases back with us, all seems a bit odd to me but who am I to question. Some of the suitcases do have Christmas presents in and I think one might have my birthday present in. It’s just a guess, I heard a very interesting squeak coming from a bag that my mistress was pushing down inside. I asked what it was but she said I would have to wait and see. I have asked my master to take the day off for my birthday. I am after all his only dog. It was even worse than I thought, not only is he not taking the day off but he won’t be home until the evening. He won’t even be there to give me a hug in the morning. On the plus side at least I get to sleep on the bed for the night. On balance I guess having the bed isn’t a bad consolation.