Wednesday 7th November 2007

Another trip to the dentist yesterday. I said I didn’t think I needed to go but my mistress said I wasn’t having a day ‘home alone’ she didn’t’ know what I might get up to. It isn’t as though I have any friends round here that I could have invited round for a party. There are some local dogs but they all seem either a bit big and fierce or a bit small and yappy. I liked the Old English Sheepdogs I met on my walk at the weekend, they seemed very friendly and I wouldn’t have minded talking to them for a bit longer. I do seem to find it is mainly other sheepdogs I have most in common with. I’m obviously a cattle dog rather than a sheepdog but we have the same tendencies. We all seem to have this burning urge to go into the crouch position for herding whenever we find anyone or anything that seems to need rounding up. The biggest problem with it is that people who don’t recognise the herding instinct think we are taking an aggressive position but I can assure them that would be completely different, for a start my tail would be in a different position, sort of up, rather than straight out.

I have been investigating the little gnomes that the rest of the family had and painted last Christmas and it seems my mistress really did paint pretend bird droppings on her gnome’s hat. The others have told her it was rather bad taste but she said she was simply being realistic. Although as they are standing on the windowsill in the conservatory I’m not sure how many birds she thinks are going to be passing through. To be fair as the gnomes are only about 10cm high, it would also have to be a pretty small bird as otherwise it would have been more than the back of the hat that would have been covered!