Tuesday 6th November 2007

I have done my bit to help with the last of the gardening. I ran off with a stick from the top of the bag that my master was putting them in at every opportunity. To begin with he seemed annoyed but then he realised if he pretended to come and get the stick he could get away with throwing it for me a couple of times before putting it back in the bag and reducing the amount of time he spent working. My mistress just got annoyed with the pair of us.

I’m back to not liking England very much. It is not a dog friendly place at all. Whilst we were out for a walk the other day, my master persuaded my mistress to let me off the lead. She doesn’t usually like doing that when she doesn’t know the area. So there I was enjoying a bit of freedom when I spotted some other dogs off the lead who I thought might like to play. So I ran over too them, wagging my tail. I wasn’t doing anything wrong, when the man that was with them tried to kick me. Fortunately, he missed and immediately ran back to my mistress. She was beside herself. She put me back on the lead and my master was really sweet. I think he felt responsible but it wasn’t his fault. How could he know that the man was a thug. I am going to miss living in Belgium. At least it meant my master and mistress started talking about trying to buy a house with a paddock so that I could romp freely and safely. If I understand it right I’m not going to be an only dog when we move back. It’s all very exciting but there is talk of having two more dogs, a Bearded Collie and an Entlebucher. It will be so exciting. I presume they will let me be top dog.