Monday 29th October 2007

I’m in trouble. I am pleading duress or possibly even temporary insanity brought on by hunger. What do they expect putting me on a diet? If I find a five year old that is daft enough to put his cookie down on his knee whilst he carries on playing on the Playstation then I am going to take advantage of the situation. I did almost regret it when Andy was in tears because I had eaten his cookie and my mistress told him he shouldn’t have put it on his knee with me sat there, then my master said it wasn’t Andy’s fault. My mistress did have a quiet word with me later to say she wasn’t very impressed and she thought she had brought me up to know better than that. I said “I thought you had brought me up to be a well fed dog.” But she didn’t seem to think that was an appropriate answer.

Yesterday also went downhill because the nice dry October we seem to be having has disintegrated into a wet one. It put paid to doing the rest of the gardening, which was a shame as I was enjoying running off with the bits that were supposed to be going in the rubbish. I don’t find the indoor jobs are nearly as dog friendly. Then there was the matter of the ‘extra hour’ in bed. My objection is that I didn’t get one. My mistress just got up an hour earlier and started getting on with things. I felt obliged to show willing, although to be honest if she hadn’t shut me into the same room that she was in I was planning to sneak back to find if there was anyone else I could cuddle up to. James’s door doesn’t quite close properly; it makes him an easy target.