Tuesday 30th October 2007

This diet thing is getting out of hand. I was really in the fish tank yesterday (that’s my equivalent of a human saying they are in the dog house). I got hungry and no one was feeding me. Then I saw that they had taken the bin bag out of the bin and not yet taken it outside. Well what is a poor dog to do? I know how often they don’t lick the containers out so I found a couple of yoghurt pots and some butter icing and half a piece of nibbled cake and I was just looking to find what else there was when my mistress caught me. To say she wasn’t pleased is an understatement. She said she didn’t expect me to have to behave like a tramp, rifling through bins for food. I said I didn’t expect it either but no one would give me anything. I think she was most cross because all the coffee grounds from the coffee filter had somehow distributed themselves across the kitchen floor. I said I would clear them up but they didn’t taste very nice. She forgave me eventually but I don’t think she wants me to do it again.

I was watching one of Andy’s DVDs ‘Barnyard’. Now I don’t like to be a killjoy but why have they got a cow, with an udder, that is called Ben (the cow not the udder) and is supposed to be a boy. I tried explaining that it must be a girl and Andy was most indignant. It’s no wonder that children growing up in the city don’t have much idea about farming and where food comes from. You would think the film makers had more responsibility to be realistic, this is how many children learn about the world. But then I suppose they also get the idea that the cows run the farm and the other animals all do what the cow says, so maybe the whole female bit isn’t the biggest part of the deal.