Sunday 28th October 2007

We walked past the vet again yesterday. I know it may sound unusual but I said, “Please can we go in?” My mistress wondered what was happening at first but I reminded her that the vet said she could go in and weigh me any time to see if I had lost weight. Well I have been on my diet for a couple of days and to be honest I am getting quite desperate for scraps. I think I’m wasting away, so I thought we could weigh me and I could prove that I had already lost all the weight I need to lose. My mistress laughed and told me it was going to take more than a couple of days. She has promised I can go in a week’s time to see if I have made any progress.

I’ve replaced the yellow paint with lilac. That isn’t strictly true, I have just added some lilac patches to the blue and yellow ones I had already got. I do like to think that my help with the decorating has been appreciated. Helping with the decorating has been preferable to sitting in the lounge where Andy has watched the same film several times in one weekend. It isn’t even a film my mistress really likes. I wanted to go horse riding with James, but I wasn’t allowed. I think they thought I might get in the way. I was rather hoping I might get chance to jump out at the horses, as I do on the path at home. Of course that may be why they didn’t let me go. To be honest a couple of hours of not being called from every direction was a rather welcome respite, being the entertainment for two boys can be hard work for any puppy. It’s when they are trying to teach me a new ‘trick’ that it really gets tiresome.