Saturday 27th October 2007

I can take any amount of this adulation. I am even starting to think that moving to England won’t be so bad after all. The people in the vet were excited to meet me, because I am the first Entlebucher they have met. They weren’t excited enough not to give me an injection, send me away with tablets and tell me to cut down on the treats, but I guess you can’t have everything. I’ve been into my first English shop too. It turns out that not all shops here don’t like dogs. Admittedly, it was a shop selling things for horses but it is getting closer to being a worthwhile place to be. The people in there all thought I was lovely too. I have a ‘really nice face’, their words not mine and I’m ‘really sweet’. Oh I can take some more of this.

What I didn’t tell you about my trip to the vet was that the lady took my temperature. I sat with my mouth open wide ready for the thermometer and got a bit of a shock as she stuck it somewhere else. Was that really necessary? Did she think I wouldn’t cooperate? What about my rights? I have been violated. After all that, my temperature was normal. You would think it should have been at least a little bit odd to justify such action. At least the tablets I was given aren’t too bad, once my mistress had realised I wasn’t going to swallow them whole and broke them up and put them in my bowl. On a personal note the vet has told me I am a little overweight. In itself that didn’t seem too bad. It was when I got home that I realised the implications, my food ration has been cut and I have been made to cut out junk food. No more crisps or Frosties for me it seems. Hopefully, when I lose half a kilo some of the treats will come back.