Tuesday 23rd October 2007

My mistress has given in and is going back to the dentist this morning. Her tooth is hurting more than just a little bit, but I suppose that is obvious from the fact that she is going to the dentist. It’s a bit like me and vets, you only go if you absolutely have to and even then you have to be dragged screaming and kicking for the last few hundred metres. Of course that last bit may only apply to me and vets!

Driving over to England I started to look at things in a more questioning light. Why do the English drive on the left? I didn’t wonder this very long as it turns out that the English are for once the normal ones and it is down to being on the right side for carrying your sword or jousting stick in the right hand. The only reason everyone else drives on the other side is because Napoleon was left-handed. My biggest concern is that my mistress will get confused about which side she is supposed to be on. She isn’t as bad now as she used to be but every so often she doesn’t put her brain into gear. So far it has only happened on minor roads but she’s going to be driving a left hand drive car on roads designed for right hand drive. It isn’t going to be easy. I suppose it would help if she could work out if she was right or left handed but it seems to depend on what she is doing. It is a nightmare in car parks and toll booths. All the pay bits and bits you put your tickets in are on the wrong side of the car. She either needs to grow long arms or find the metal arm that she has, which is designed to pick things up with out bending. It’s a bit embarrassing when she uses it but it does solve the problem.