Wednesday 24th October 2007

It is going to be difficult driving a car that shows everything in kilometres in a country that does everything in miles. The first problem is that everywhere takes longer to get to, or at least that is how it feels. When I see a signpost that says somewhere is 50 miles I think “Oh good that’s not far” but then it takes ages to get there and I have to remember that a mile is longer than a kilometre. I get confused with all this dividing by 5 and multiplying by 8, or is it the other way round? I wonder if my mistress knows what the speed limits really are on her dial or whether this is just a good excuse to ignore them all. I haven’t even begun to work out what my weight is in stones and pounds and then someone told me what the temperature was in Fahrenheit. What is all that about? I can’t begin to do the division, multiplication and addition it would take to get me back to centigrade, they can’t seriously use such confusing scales anywhere can they?

Today has not got off to an encouraging start from a dog’s perspective. My mistress has put together a list of all the jobs she needs to do to the house and a list of things she needs to go and buy from the DIY store. I jumped up and down with excitement, “Can I come? They sell food for dogs.” The reality of this move started to hit home when my mistress gently explained that she didn’t think they did sell food for dogs in this particular DIY and besides which she wouldn’t be allowed to take me in. The best I can hope for is to sit in the car outside. I suppose it beats being left at home, but only just!