Sunday 21st October 2007

You wouldn’t believe the odd things my mistress is packing for our trip tomorrow. She says that there are some things that the removals men won’t take and there are other things that she will need and had better not put in storage. It was when I caught her packing things that need to be recycled but she doesn’t know where to take them in Belgium that I started to realise how much easier she will find it when she understands the language. She caught a train the other day that said something on the front after the name of the final destination. My poor mistress got on the train hoping that that strange word didn’t mean it went by an unusual route that didn’t include the stop she needed. In actual fact it must have meant it was the stopping train, so she was just left sweating because she was worried she wouldn’t get to her connecting train in time.

She has packed my spare bed to take with us. It usually goes downstairs but she says she will leave it in England and my travel bed can go just there when we get back. I suppose it is a comfort that she doesn’t want to put my bed into storage. One of her friends asked if I have to go into quarantine. “Woa” I said. “Quarantine, you can’t do that to me.” Once I had calmed down my mistress explained that is what all the trips to the vet are for and no I don’t have to go into quarantine. I was worried for a minute, it sounds just dreadful to be separated from everyone I love for 6 months. Fortunately, my mistress says she would rather stay here with me than have that happen, I don’t know what my master would make of that.