Saturday 20th October 2007

Yesterday did not start well. That isn’t strictly true, my master and I found it quite funny, it was my mistress that was less than enamoured. She had to get up and go out early. Having not slept well she went into the shower in the hope it would wake her up, and it did! It woke her up a lot because the pilot light on the hot water heating had gone out and there wasn’t any warm water. Not even a little bit. There was a sudden, blood curdling scream (I think she’s been practising) and very soon afterwards she re-emerged, dripping wet and wrapped in a towel. She stayed long enough to wash the essential bits but not so long to be able to do all the things that women do to their hair. Sadly, with the thick, rather independent hair that she has, she spent the day looking not just a small amount like a scarecrow! I on the other hand, stayed curled up in bed until she had come back around lunch time, when I got up in case I was going to miss out on any food.

Today I had an unexpected trip to the vet. When I say unexpected, it seems I was the only one who wasn’t expecting it. I’m off to England again. It’s funny I’m seeing this trip in a different light knowing that I will be moving there in just three and a half months time. The worrying bit is that my mistress is planning for us to do some DIY and painting to the house we have there, as we now need to sell it so we can buy one in the area we will be living. I’m a dab paw with a paint brush. Actually that’s not strictly true, I prefer to use my own hair to apply the paint, which can get a bit messy if I lean on the wrong thing.