Thursday 18th October 2007

One problem my mistress wont have in moving to England is the language, at least you would like to think that anyway. Apparently, we are moving to a somewhere in Yorkshire and they have different accents there and different ways of saying things. It is possible we will have some difficulty being understood. I tried teasing her that she is going back to her roots, as when she was doing her family tree she found that quite a few of her ancestors came from Yorkshire, mind you a lot of the others came from Wiltshire so it could have gone either way. I’ve been asking what the dogs will be like; will they be friendly? Will they make me feel welcome? As yet she doesn’t have any of the answers but has told me we can go and have a look round and I can help decide where we will live. One of my biggest worries is about the weather. I think it rains more there than it does here and it might be a bit colder. Now, I know I found snow fun when I was a puppy and mud for that matter, but as I have grown up I have developed quite a preference for keeping dry. I am even prepared to refuse a walk if it is raining and you would be amazed at how long I can cross my legs for if the alternative is going out in the rain. The only bit that would have been better about moving to Switzerland would have been living near my dad. Moving to England I am going to have to be very grown up and only see my family occasionally. My mistress has promised that I can still see them and I am just sorting out when I can go and see my mum to talk to her about it all.