Wednesday 17th October 2007

What am I going to do? I’m Belgian, have they no respect for my nationality? I may not speak very much of the language but that is not entirely my fault, it is the way they have brought me up. I might visit other countries on a regular basis and enjoy them whilst I’m there but why would I want to move away from my beloved Belgium. I am beside myself with grief. My woods, my garden, even the mole hills look attractive to me today. I did wonder why a whole load of cardboard boxes came back to Belgium with us last week from England but I never dreamt that I would have to pack my toys in them to take with me to live in England. There are so many things I need to ask, I don’t know where to start. Where will I be living? Will I have dual nationality or will I stay being Belgian? Why? How can they do this to me? What about my friends? Will I still be able to visit my mum? To be honest I think I am in a state of shock. It was bad enough last year when I found they might have had to move to Switzerland, but I only found out about that when it was no longer likely to happen. I was cross about it and was concerned for their disregard for my feelings, but at least I knew it wasn’t happening. This is different, it is happening and I have to go with them. I did wonder about staying her but at the end of the day, no one would spoil me the way my mistress and for all her faults I do like being with her. So I guess I have to go, at least I don’t think we are going just yet.