Tuesday 16th October 2007

I’m keeping out of my mistress’s way, she isn’t totally sure that her toothache has gone. To put it another way, she thinks she still has toothache. I asked how you can only think that you still have toothache, either you have and you know about it, or you haven’t. Apparently, the dentist said it might still hurt for a couple of days and then settle down. It has now been more than a couple of days and it is still hurting.

I have learnt a new trick. I can now go upstairs really quietly, missing out the stairs that creak and then creep up on my mistress. It has taken me quite some time to learn to walk very gently so that I can’t be heard, but I have now mastered the technique. It helps that my claws are a bit shorter at present, when they are long they make a tapping noise when I walk. It would of course be much easier with carpets, but that isn’t an option. I now need to wait for the perfect opportunity to use my new trick.

I was looking at some pictures of my brother on the internet, he can swim. I was quite shocked to see one of him, neck deep in water, with just the top of his head showing. My mistress had to explain that some dogs actually liked that and it was good exercise. Frankly, I’m not taken in by it. It just looks like a way to be made to have a bath. I am not falling for that old trick, even if my brother is that gullible. I do so wish I could see my brother and sisters more regularly, it would be good to compare notes on our owners and how we are looked after.