Tuesday 9th October 2007

Feeling sad about Horsie

Just as I get excited about nice sunny days, they go again. Sadly the moles haven’t taken the hint, but then I guess down there they don’t realise the sun has gone in. thinking about it, it wouldn’t be so bad if they stayed ‘down there’ the problem is that they keep coming ‘up here’!

My mistress was telling me a story about someone who works from home and when there is a meeting in the office that they should be attending, instead of going in person, they have dressed up a hat stand and put it on wheels, so that the hat stand attends the meeting ‘in person’ and they just join by phone. The reason that my mistress has latched on to this is because of the number of phone meetings she has. She is now wondering if she could send something to attend in her stead. I have made a few suggestions, but none of them seem to have gone down well. I think it was seeing what was on sale for Halloween that inspired by thinking, that and the fact she has red hair! By the sounds of it I’m not going to be able to scare the children here for Halloween this year as I shall be in England. The upside of that is if anyone calls at the house there, they won’t know that I am a friendly, cute, cuddly dog. I am really going to have to work on my scary outfit and practice howling. I can do the howl itself, I am just struggling to put the ‘blood curdling’ into it. What’s a howl worth if it can’t curdle a bit of blood? I suppose the problem will be those parents that then come and complain that I am a dangerous dog that has frightened their child. It doesn’t seem fair really as their child would have started off with the intention of frightening me and somehow people think that bit is ok. Do you think I could complain about a dangerous child?