Monday 8th October 2007

Dixie, Wilma and Shadow

Where do duffel coats come from? There is a place in Belgium called Duffel and if I understand correctly, that is where the material they are made from first came from. Anyway, so here we are living in Belgium, with a crate of Duvel beer in the garage, and my mistress decides she wants a duffel coat. I think she wants to look like Paddington Bear, one of her childhood heroes. Does she get in the car and drive to the town of Duffel? Does she get out the Belgian telephone directory, the one that was left on the doorstep in the rain, and look for a shop that might sell them? No. Being my mistress, she does none of these things but orders one in England. There really is no hope for her. I’m just hoping she doesn’t start stashing marmalade sandwiches in the pockets, they would make an awful mess of my dog biscuits. Do you think Paddington would mind that she has gone for a light blue coat rather than the traditional brown?

I have been making the most of the autumn sunshine to bark at the world. I have also been trying to work out if there are any more bits of grass that the moles could possibly dig up. They have almost made it to the house, I am getting very worried and wonder if it is time to offer them some sleeping tablets to help the winter along.

My mistress has said I am the one thing she would take to a desert island with her. It isn’t because she prefers my company to my master’s, it is just that I eat the spiders without being asked. I’m not saying he eats the spiders when he is asked, but he is prepared to dispose of them. With me it is not something that needs to be asked. I just see a spider and I think ‘snack’.