Wednesday 10th October 2007

Birthday walk - the outtakes - pulling faces for the camera

I had one of those funny days yesterday when I just didn’t know what to do with myself. I ended up walking round in circles a lot of the time, just feeling restless. When I curled up on the bed, I thought I would prefer to be in the office. When I went to the office, I thought I would prefer to go outside. You humans think that you are the only ones that have days like that but I can assure you it happens to canines as well. My mistress tried to persuade me to do some work on my book but to be quite honest I just didn’t feel like it. Being a difficult teenager is all well and good, if you are only difficult to the people around you. If you are difficult with yourself, something has gone badly wrong. To be honest I really do think I need a playmate. Oh, my master and mistress are warming to the idea of adding another dog to the family, well if I am being strictly honest they seem to be talking about adding more than one. My mistress wants to get a little girl Entlebucher, just like me. Not exactly like me, I’m a boy. Anyway they would also like a number of other breeds. It was funny the other day, they sat down and listed the seven breeds each of them would like and then gave the other one the power to veto three from the list. It was supposed to be six and three but my master couldn’t decide which to cross off. They had got the list down to four each, of varying degrees of practicality, when I jumped on them. At that point, my master said that whilst he could just about cope with 26kg of dog jumping on him he thought the one on the list that weighed 44kg might be a bit much.