Wednesday 26th September 2007

Well the car is being packed up to take us home, so I thought I would jot a few lines and leave them to it. We went up into the mountains yesterday. Wow – have you ever seen so many hairpin bends, let alone be thrown round them. I kept having to shout “Don’t forget me” as I fell off the seat onto the floor. My mistress was even less keen on them than I was but she was busy clinging on and looking a bit white. My master then insisted that we drive some of the Route Napoleon, it seems to have been some well know person but it was wasted on me. Perhaps one day they will have a ‘Route Alfie’ and people will go to have a look at where I travelled.

When we got back I asked as it was our last night if we could go to the casino. Last time they were here my mistress won some money and I thought I might like to try. To be fair she only won €5 but it is the principle of it. Anyway, once again we find a ‘dogist policy’ preventing me from going and trying my hand in the casino. They said I wasn’t old enough as well, which didn’t seem very fair as half the time my mistress only behaves the same age as me but they would have let her in. Last time my owners were here there were fireworks for them to watch in the evening. What I don’t understand is why they haven’t arranged anything for me. Apparently that was something called Bastille Day and today isn’t anything special. I said we could call it ‘Alfie Day’ and then I wouldn’t mind so much not having my own ‘route’. I had to make do with a walk through the flower market and even then all the flowers had gone for the day so there was less to sniff at than I was hoping for.