Thursday 27th September 2007

I have been thinking about the whole ‘no dogs’ thing. What is it exactly that people object to? If it is that my paws are dirty and I could have trod in anything, then I could put on some slippers or they should to be consistent by making humans take their shoes off. If they are concerned that I might go to the toilet on their floor, are they going to also ban toddlers, just out of nappies, and babies whose nappies are filled to overflowing? Both of those categories are a much higher risk than I am. Do they think that I may carry some dreadful disease? I probably have more up to date vaccinations than most humans and there are not many diseases that can be transmitted from dog to human. Are they worried about what I will have stuck my nose in? If this is the case, they should also ban small boys who will have had their hands in much the same things. Maybe they are concerned about me deciding to bark, in which case I am definitely not as noisy as most children and many outgoing adults. If they are scared I might attack them then really the question is, ‘whatever makes them think they would be that interesting to me?’ Besides which if I am on a lead, exactly how far do they think I am going to get? All in all the whole thing seems particularly ‘dogist’ and just goes to show how prejudiced people can be about anyone that is different to themselves. It is time to stand up for the rights of dogs everywhere. The Pet Dogs Democratic Party will fight for the rights of dogs to be allowed in public places. Is it possible for a dog to get arrested or should I forewarn my master and mistress what I am planning to do?