Tuesday 25th September 2007

I have never seen boats as big as that. They were huge. Who can afford a boat of that size? Do you think the post of pet dog to people like that is already full or am I still in time to apply. That’s not to say there is anything wrong with the lifestyle I lead but have you ever seen the yachts moored in Antibes? There just aren’t words to describe them. I stood there trying to work out how many times our house would fit inside. I’m not sure I really want to be a seagoing dog – I like grass and lampposts too much but to be quite honest I guess if you had a yacht that size there is nothing to stop you still having some grass and lampposts onboard. Once again all I could do was leave my calling card to let other dogs know that I had passed that way. I contemplated writing a little note to leave with my contact details in case they wanted to invite me aboard but I don’t suppose they would have called me.

I asked if we could go for tea at the Negresco Hotel in Nice so that I could try and pretend to myself that I was a rich important dog, but my master and mistress thought they probably wouldn’t allow dogs into the tea room. At least that was the story they gave me. There was some discussion on whether my behaviour was up to going to a place like that but I was most insistent that I do know how to believe, it’s just that I don’t always choose to do it!

There is still so much I want to do here. I don’t want to start heading for home tomorrow. I want to walk all the way down the Promenade des Anglais for a start and enjoy the sea air, even though I can’t go on the beach and it would be no good for making sandcastles anyway.