Monday 24th September 2007

I’ve been round the Grand Prix circuit in Monaco. It was so exciting, for a minute I imagined I was in the real race, rather than sitting in the back of a 4 x4 vehicle. If you narrow your eyes so that you can’t see the passengers in front, and to be fair most of the road as well, you can just about believe that you are driving a single seater racing car round the circuit or at very least round a Playstation Game. I could hear the roar of the crowd as they waved me on, although in retrospect that may have been a policeman directing the traffic as every last car racing fan drove round in circles having the same dream. This is the life. I have found my true vocation, rubbing shoulders with the glitterati, film stars and other ‘A’ list celebrities. It is hard being at heart an ‘A’ list dog to find myself accompanied by my ‘Z’ list owners. I have a feeling they don’t see it quite the same way and my calls to put their jackets down over puddles for me to walk on, seem to have fallen on deaf ears. I can honestly now say that I have peed in some of the wealthiest places in the world. If you aren’t allowed inside the casino the least you can do is leave your mark outside, so that others know that you were there. It’s harder for humans, they end up resorting to graffiti and such literate statements as ‘Kaz woz ere’. For the dogs of the world, they just cock their legs and mark their territory. I am not sure that as a statement it is any more grammatically correct, but at least I don’t get arrested for it.