Sunday 23rd September 2007

Well if as a dog I ever find myself down and out, it seems this is the place to do it. There are quite a lot of homeless people and dogs in Nice. I think it has something to do with the climate. If you are going to sleep on the streets, it really is better to do it somewhere that temperatures don’t go below freezing. I suppose it could also be because there are lots of lovely benches that would make good beds. There are lots of blue chairs along the seafront too, just like the one my mistress has got in a paperweight at home. I mentioned the coincidence to her earlier, but it seems it isn’t a coincidence and the paperweight came from down here. I wondered if she could take one of the blue chairs back, it would go rather well in the garden but she said she couldn’t do that.

I was horrified to see lots of puppies and kittens in cages in a shop earlier. My mistress explained you could still buy them in pet shops here and the ones we saw were for sale. I asked if I could use my pocket money to buy them so that they didn’t have to be in the cage any more, but my mistress explained that there wasn’t room for another fifteen puppies and four kittens in the car, particularly if we all started chasing each other. I sat outside and waved a paw at them instead, but somehow it wasn’t quite the same.

It was funny walking back through the old town, the buildings are so close together and quite tall. It means you can hardly see the sky. It can be a sunny day outside and you have no real idea what it is doing. I did find we met a lot of other dogs out with their owners too, it was all a bit exciting as long as you were careful where you trod.