Tuesday 18th September 2007

Well I must say I am disappointed. When my mistress said I was spending the first proper night of my holiday in Troy I started reading up on the internet and was fascinated to see the place that was responsible for Helen – the face that launched a thousand ships. Instead I find myself in a landlocked part of France, if you exclude the river Seine which is actually spelt Troyes. It is the home of the Lacoste brand so I suppose it would have more street cred with the children than the Troy I was expecting. My second count of disappointment is in the hotel. I just assumed that I would be put up in five star establishments. I was expecting men in fancy suits opening the door for me and carrying my blanket. I was expecting room service and crisp cotton sheets to put my muddy paws on. I wanted flowers and champagne and oh so much more. Instead I seem to be in some motel, with a fairly basic restaurant in a separate building and the main road right outside. This is not the standard I have come to expect. Don’t they know I am a very spoilt dog that wants nothing but the best? Perhaps I should go in search of the manager and explain to him, perhaps there has been a mix up somewhere.

To be fair to Troyes, it does seem to have plenty of history of its own, even if that doesn’t include someone called Helen. It does seem to have had one or two treaties and someone called ‘Philip the Fair’.

Now I am off to Avignon where I think I am supposed to be standing on a bridge. I hope I have got the right place this time and I’m not going to find there isn’t a bridge. I was a bit bothered when I found there was an Avignon in Quebec as to whether I was looking at the right place.