Monday 17th September 2007

Hooray, hooray, I’m off on holiday. I’m all a bit excited and keep going in and out to the car to check if everything is packed. My master gets really annoyed when I start to take everything out of the boot to check if something else that I have remembered is in there somewhere. I have got two sets of Andy’s ‘Nemo’ armbands, in case I try swimming, a rubber ring, a bucket and spade, a sun hat and some sun cream. I look pretty cool in my sunglasses, even if I do say so myself. Then there is the information on the places we are going to that I printed off the internet, my bag of food, blanket, toys and treats. I have even remembered the little bags for my mistress to clear up after me. I got told off for taking some of my masters things out of the boot to fit mine in a bit better, but he doesn’t need that many clothes really. I was glad to see they had packed walking boots so we can go for long walks, but was alarmed by the sight of waterproofs. I don’t like going out in the rain. I hope they aren’t thinking of making me go for walks whatever the weather is.

Well we are all ready to go and although the journey as far as the Channel Tunnel will be familiar to me, we will be going in a completely different direction when we get to the other side. We will be going through the area where they make Champagne. Do you think I will be allowed to try a glass, as part of my overall travel experience?

I wonder if the French dogs will be able to understand me when I bark at them. Perhaps it will help if I try and bark with a French accent.