Wednesday 19th September 2007

Well here I am in Avignon. I am pleased to report I had looked up the right one on the internet and more importantly, there really is a bridge, or at least part of it. I have been cheated out of the other part of the bridge so although I can stand ‘sur le pont d’Avignon’, I then have to turn round and go back to the side I started from. Seems a bit pointless for a bridge realy, you would think someone might come along and finish it. I am also pleased to report that the hotel I am staying in is more of the standard I was expecting, although sadly the breakfast didn’t seem to be for me and I still had to have my own dog food out of my own bowl. I do think that ‘dog friendly hotels’ are cheating where they don’t provide their dog customers with a full range of services. If you think about it, I have to share a room with my master and mistress. I have to bring my own bed, my own food and my own bowls and I get charged for the privilege of staying. This is yet another issue that I should be raising through the Pet Dog Democratic Party. I haven’t really been thinking that much about politics recently, I suppose on balance I have become complacent and happy with my little lot. I could use this holiday to formulate a plan of campaign, all the issues that we dog should be fighting against. I might take the chance of being in France, to talk to a few of the locals to get their views. To be fair although it is a country known for being dog friendly, it is also known for the lack of cleanliness of its dog community, more to the point the reluctance of the owners to clean up after their dogs. As a result, the poor dogs of France get a bad press, in reality it should be the humans that come in for criticism. The dogs are just the down-trodden masses, and even then they have to be careful where exactly they are down treading!