Sunday 16th September 2007

Well today is James’s birthday. He went quad biking without me yesterday. They went out for a meal without me last night. You can see a bit of a theme developing here can’t you. Anyway he couldn’t get away from a birthday lick this morning. I suppose he will want to wear the new clothes he has had for his birthday, I wonder if he is going to mind having dog hair all over them. Although I am obviously excited about it being James’s birthday, I am more excited about the fact that I am off on holiday proper later today. To be fair this leg of the journey is to go and see my master’s parents and annoy Misskin and Bertie but it feels as though at last the beginning of the holiday journey is approaching. It is only tomorrow I shall start going to new places and look forward to staying in a hotel. I do get room service to the garage at my grandparents though. My mistress is very good at attending to my every need, although it is only dog food and the odd treat. I miss out on table scraps, with not being near the table. Winding Misskin and Bertie up is a good enough compensation for me though. They haven’t actually bothered to get near enough to realise I am a big softy. I am still giving them the impression that I am a ferocious beast. It doesn’t do to show your softer side too easily, you don’t get any respect that way. I do have a healthy respect for cats claws. I know that in a disagreement I would be likely to come off worse, and whilst I don’t mind the sight of blood I have a bit of a problem when it’s my own.