Sunday 9th September 2007

I am having such a great time being made a fuss of by my grandparents. I’ve asked if they can stay a bit longer, but it seems that Bertie and Misskin need them even more than I do. It’s funny to think of cats, independent creatures that they are, needing anyone. I suppose it is a bit like teenagers, they just need to know that their servants are there and available to them.

It didn’t matter in the end that I didn’t go to Waterloo yesterday as my mistress didn’t go either. We had a quiet day, except for me badgering her constantly to come outside and play with me. She gave in eventually but only after I had taken all my toys up to her and insisted that one way or another I was going to get her to play.

Although the central heating hasn’t actually exploded yet, neither is it working. It has gone off and is resolutely staying off. Now might be a very good time for my master to try and remove the long dead bird from the chimney so that we can have a fire. My mistress has stated, very clearly and without any ambiguity, that she does not want to be there when he tries. I, on the other hand, am fascinated and have offered to lend a paw. I am also taking bets on what type of bird it is and so far, pigeon seems to be the favourite. At least if it is a pigeon, my mistress, for no apparently good reason, will be less upset about her failure to rescue it than she would be if it was for example a woodpecker. I have told my master to tell her it was a pigeon whatever it turns out to be. It’s for the best!