Monday 10th September 2007

Well from my point of view yesterday wasn’t that bad as my mistress spent the morning in bed again. I know I am supposed to be an ‘action dog’ but give me a warm, comfy duvet any day of the week. I did miss out on going to the park, but I still think I got the best end of the deal. The only downside was that my mistress has to write an ‘adult fairytale’ and was trying some ideas out on me as I was trying to nap. Honestly I really don’t know where she gets her imagination. Although it was funny when she said something to my master about how much better life was when you live it in a fantasy world and he said “Welcome to the world of men.” It could explain quite a lot. I suppose it involves quite a good imagination to genuinely believe that the food cupboards refill themselves, the bins empty themselves and that the washing up fairy comes on a regular basis whilst you are out.

I have been reading an article in a magazine about the cost of pet ownership. Although they had the obvious things like food, vets bills, bedding etc they were missing some very important things for the modern dog. Nowhere did it included paying pocket money, the cost of having your own email address and maintaining your own blog, or for that matter my own laptop, mobile phone and other important accessories. I’m wondering about sending them an email to point out their important omissions. Perhaps they would print a correction in next month’s magazine. When it comes down to it, it is only the fact we don’t live as long as children that makes us any cheaper to have around the house. I suppose if you measured it on an annual cost basis we would probably come out about the same. If not I’m getting something wrong!