Saturday 8th September 2007

Well as always, it is great having my grandparents staying. Mind you, I am worrying about my other granddad as he has both an infection at shingles at the moment. I’m looking forward to seeing him next week to make sure he is all right. I might have to bounce on him a little more gently than normal.

The most important thing to report is that that the moles are trying to expand their territory. They have moved into Matilda and Tigger’s garden. I would like to be able to report that this is instead of ours but I am sad to say it is as well as. My greatest hope is that now Tigger can go outside and given what a bouncy kitten he is, that he will prove more than a match for any mole. My worst fear of course is that that will simply drive them back in our direction.

I had one of those moments yesterday where you have to think quickly if you are to maintain your nonchalant appearance. I went outside while my mistress was doing things in the garden and when she had finished she called me to come in. Now for the last week or so she hasn’t been leaving the door open for me to come in and out and on the whole when I have gone out I have done so through the front door. So there I was yesterday, having completely forgotten I had gone out of the French windows. When my mistress called me, I went trotting to the front door, which was closed. I was then left with the difficult decision should I admit my mistake and look stupid or should I pretend I wasn’t responding to her call and run straight past the French windows and do a lap of the garden, making her call me again, at which point I could come to the correct door. I never like to look stupid so I if course opted for the lap of the garden. I think I got away with it!