Friday 24th August 2007

Off to England. It was a close run thing for me, when my master took me to the vet for a check-up, so that I could travel, it was the locum that I don’t like. The fact that I don’t like her wasn’t the relevant point. She didn’t fill all the right bits of my passport in. When my master got home and my mistress checked everything, the bit that said I was healthy was still blank. I offered to do a pawprint to confirm but my mistress said that this wouldn’t be acceptable to the authorities. For some reason they look for something more reliable than me signing for myself. I should know if I feel all right. I felt less all right having been given both tick treatment and worming paste but you can’t have everything. My master went back to the vet to get her to do it right, otherwise I would have been home alone and they would have gone without me. So I have packed my new bed, the one with the bone on the cushion. I have also packed some sweets for the journey, which I will not be sharing with any small boys however loud a noise they might make. They don’t give me their sweets, even when I drool all over them, so I won’t share mine either. I have asked not to have to sit between the boys as it just ends up with me being hit ‘accidentally’ as they try to punch each other. All I ask is the chance to curl up on a seat and sleep my way through the journey, it shouldn’t be too much to ask. I said I wouldn’t mind watching Shrek on the journey but I think I’ve been overruled, mainly because there aren’t enough headphones for me to have some too.