Thursday 23rd August 2007

So what would you do if your mistress came home smelling of goat? I was a little shocked but assumed there would be a perfectly reasonable explanation. As it turned out she had been to the zoo and spent some time in the children’s ‘petting area’, where there were a number of goats. It turns out one tried to eat the bows on her shoes and another tickled her back when she had knelt down to stroke a kid (goat not child). I think I am relieved that that is the story but I do feel she has been a little disloyal befriending other animals whilst I am left at home. She said I can go next time if I promise to behave, but I don’t think I am allowed in the bit with the goats. My mistress thinks it is the best zoo she has been to in Belgium, and as it is her third one, that is at least a meaningful comment. In fact she has been to more zoos than almost any other tourist attraction. What does that say about her?

I wonder if the mole’s tunnels are flooded yet. If they aren’t they must be pretty close to being. I suppose it depends how deep they go and whether they built in some extra drainage channels. Can moles swim? They certainly haven’t dug for a day or two but then I wouldn’t want to dig in this weather, to be quite honest I don’t want to go out. I was rather taken aback when James wrapped himself up in waterproofs and said he was taking me for a walk. I don’t seem to remember asking for a walk. I don’t seem to remember anyone giving me any waterproofs either. So out we go, one wrapped up boy and one naked dog and back we come, one cosy boy and one bedraggled dog!