Saturday 25th August 2007

Off we go again. After a night in the garage with my paternal grandparents, it’s off to Middlesbrough. Perhaps I should rephrase that, they weren’t in the garage with me. My grandparents were in the house, it’s just that it was their garage. It’s nothing personal that I have to sleep in the garage, but Bertie and Misskin have a better night’s sleep if they aren’t worrying that I am going to come and chase them. All I can say is it cut’s both ways. I like my sleep and from observation of Bertie he doesn’t need as much sleep as I do and I really don’t want to be woken by being bopped on the nose by a cat, even if it is a very cute fluffy cat. If the weather is ok I get to sit out on the decking behind the house until bedtime. It is great fun as Bertie comes and sits at the window to keep an eye on me and I just sit there waving occasionally. I think he is a bit put out that I even come to his house.

It is going to be horribly quiet when we get to Middlesbrough and drop the children off. Perhaps horribly was the wrong word. I will miss then but it will be nice not having three people saying “Alfie don’t do that”, “Alfie Leave”, particularly when most of the times I was minding my own business and not actually doing anything anyway. Even though my master might push me out of bed, when I have taken up his side, both he and my mistress are big softies really and I don’t get told off very often at all. It may be because I’m perfect, but I don’t like to boast.