Wednesday 22nd August 2007

I stand accused of chewing a box for a DVD. Now I ask you, members of the jury, if in 18 months I have never (and I mean never) chewed anything that wasn’t mine, why would I choose a DVD box now? I did come pretty close to chewing a soft toy belonging to a small child, but that was just a case of mistaken identity. It was exactly the same material and colour as my cushion, but fortunately, the mistake was spotted in time for no harm to be done. Why oh why would I chew a DVD box? My mistress wasn’t the one accusing me. She knows me better than that. There she was refusing to believe my accusers and there they were trying to get me into trouble. Now I don’t like to point the finger, or paw on my case, but we did catch Andrew chewing a Playstation Game box after that so I’m guessing I was just being used as a ‘scapedog’.

A new system has been introduced to maintain peace and quiet in the house. Anyone who is shouting or screaming is sent to the furthest point of the garden to continue there. They are allowed back in the house when they have finished. It is the same system as my mistress had to cope with when she was a child. In general it meant she stopped making a noise the minute she was outside the back door as it all felt a bit lonely out there. The problem we have is that the boys moan about being sent out in the rain. From my perspective, it is just annoying having them out there shouting when I am trying to have a good bark, it puts me off. I need to concentrate to bark scarily enough to frighten the other dogs going past.