Tuesday 21st August 2007

Another day, another mole hill. To be honest it looks as though they have been trying to get my rope toys. They have come up in several places right next to them but not actually managed to get them yet. I’m going to nip outside in a minute and move them to the paving slabs to be on the safe side. The worst thing, at the moment, is that there is no point in my burying anything to hide it. I might manage to hide it from the children but if I were not careful the moles would get it before I went back for it. They aren’t having any of my bones! To be fair the children haven’t shown much interest in them either, so I am probably safe.

Summer seems to have gone into hiding, which is a bit of a shame as I had only just got used to having it around. I was rather hoping it would stay dry for a little while longer as I like the freedom of running in and out of the house without having to wipe my paws. My mistress’s new car’s GPS system has some great little extras that I like playing with. My favourite is to see how far above sea level we are. I am alarmed to find that there is a bit of the dual carriageway near here that is only a metre above sea level. Now I have heard quite a lot about global warming and how it will mean that sea levels will rise. I am starting to wonder whether I ought to pay a little more attention to learning to swim. It would be an awful shame to find I was stuck on a small island and not even able to get to Antwerp from here. Not that I go into Antwerp all that often, but it is nice to have the option.