Monday 20th August 2007

“Mark it on the calendar,” he said. “Today is the day I got up and got you breakfast in bed.” Well to be honest, it was the day my master got up and got my mistress breakfast in bed, sparked by Andy wanting a drink and my mistress not going because she wasn’t feeling too good. Sadly, when my master came back to bed he had forgotten to get a drink for Andy. Equally sadly, we will be marking the day on the calendar but in a ‘laugh about it’ sort of a way. When my mistress picked up her bowl of Frosties she said “This bowl feels sticky. Where did you get it from?”

“It’s clean,” said my master, “it came out of the dishwasher.”

“But I hadn’t put the dishwasher on,” said my mistress “it is fully of dirty plates.” And sure enough my master had managed to use a bowl that last held ice cream and hadn’t yet been washed. They do so it is the thought that counts and despite having to get up and get a fresh lot of Frosties in a clean bowl, I know my mistress did appreciate the thought. To be fair I think my master was forgiven more quickly than I was having been outside and then come back to join them in bed, bringing half the garden with me. What is it with mud? It sticks to you and won’t come off when you are in a place it doesn’t matter and then the minute you are on a white duvet cover, it all falls off around you. James tried suggesting that I should be put in the bath and scrubbed. I got the last laugh though as my master and mistress seemed to think it might be more fun to put James in the bath and scrub him. He said “You wouldn’t dare.” Even I know that isn’t a line to use with my mistress. I’m just sitting back to see what happens.