Saturday 18th August 2007

What would I want with a donkey on strings? Ok so it is a small cuddly donkey and if you hold the piece of wood just right you can use the strings to make its legs and head move around, but why bring me that as a present from holiday instead of a bone or something else I could chew? My mistress said she had really bought it for herself but I can’t think what she wants with it either. Chewing things raised an interesting discussion with Andrew. He proudly showed me where his first tooth had fallen out while they were away. He was thrilled to find that all the scare tactics about the tooth fairy not having a passport hadn’t been true after all and she was able to deliver some euros in exchange for his tooth even though he hadn’t left a forwarding address. Isn’t it amazing how fairies manage to achieve so much. It seems holiday disasters were kept to a minimum. It looked a bit ominous when the hotel didn’t have the two rooms that had been booked and put all five of them in one room. Five of them in one room with one bathroom! I can imagine how well my mistress coped with that. She prefers to be somewhere quiet and you can never do that with five. Besides that you can’t put toilet paper down the toilet in Greece and five people sharing one bathroom when you have an acute sense of smell is not the best in a hot climate! Apart from that there was nothing more severe than having to call the doctor out for an ear infection for James and my mistress having to lie down for two days after going on a boat trip that triggered her inner ear problem again. For this family that is situation normal!