Tuesday 14th August 2007

Last week before they went away, my mistress had what can only be described as ‘a bit of an accident’. Not as in only part of an accident, it was definitely a whole accident but as in being an understatement. She was trying to get to the shade over the patio to close it. Quite simple you would think, if it hadn’t involved going past the side of the wishing well, which has a tendency to spit water everywhere. I have a tendency to run my muddy paws through the water and it all ends up very slippery as my mistress found to her cost. My mistress only wears a dress on a special occasion. Otherwise, it is jeans almost every day. Sadly, this was the one day she had decided to wear her brand new summer dress. Well she slipped. Not just a little slip but the sort that involves flying, and breaking your fall by scrapping your hip and arm down the side of the wishing well. The wishing well is made of solid oak barrels! My mistress is made of flesh and bone and blood. Guess which one gave way. Fortunately, the bones held, but the flesh and blood didn’t do so well and the bruising is a sight to behold. Her first concern of course was whether she had ruined her dress and her second was if she wears a swimming costume on holiday it will look as though she has been in a fight. I said she should wear her battle scars proudly and make up an exciting story to go with them, one that does not involve a wishing well, a patio blind and a bit of mud. But then maybe that is another difference between girls and boys, I think she will be more likely to cover them with make-up.