Monday 13th August 2007

I have been thinking about this whole Harry Potter thing. If you haven’t read the last book this may not make much sense to you, but I will try to explain. I’ll try to do it without giving anything important of the story away either, in case you are about to read it! I can tell you it was the butler that did it, or maybe that was something else that I was reading. Anyway, in Harry Potter, he is trying to break some things that have got part of Voldermort’s soul in them. Basically, as long as these objects that Voldermort has transferred part of his soul to exist then he exists. What occurred to me is that it is a bit like being a writer. You transfer a bit of your soul into everything you write. As long as your writing exists, and people read it, then a bit of you exists too. If the writer dies, then as long as the work is in print they are still alive in some small way. I wonder whether it dawned on JK Rowling that that is exactly what she has done as she wrote each Harry Potter book. It makes you wonder whether as you read it you get to feel just a tiny bit of what the author is feeling. The frightening thought is that I have left a bit of my soul behind as I have written this page of my diary. I hope I never run out.

I was very upset reading this Harry Potter book as my favourite character dies. He did die a hero, but he died none the less. I can’t tell you who my favourite character is in case it spoils it for you, but perhaps if you let me know when you’ve finished I can tell you why I admire him so much.