Wednesday 15th August 2007

You wouldn’t think having satellite navigation in a car could cause so many problems. The garage said it would be better to have a different system, fitted separately, rather than the one the manufacturer do. Or so they told my mistress. They may have omitted to tell her that she wouldn’t be able to control the radio from the steering wheel any more. They may also have missed that the CD player they sold her wouldn’t work with it and they may have missed telling her that she would no longer be able to listen to medium wave or long wave radio. They may also have missed the fact that it would be badly fitted in places too. So she found herself with a super duper, all whistles and bells sat-nav that can do everything but make the tea, but unable to do a few basic things that matter to her very much. It may not surprise you to hear that she wasn’t happy. Being Belgium when she collected it she was told if there was a problem she should go and see the man who fitted it, “He’s the chap on the roundabout that sells boats and second hand cars”, funny but that didn’t sound promising to me. Well as it turned out the CD changer was incompatible and needs to be replaced, the aerial hasn’t been connected properly and they hadn’t tested it on medium wave because ‘nobody listens to it’. So my mistress is a nobody now then! The car has to be booked in again for it all to be sorted and in the meantime we can’t even listen to the end of the book we were listening to because it is stuck in the old cd changer in the boot. One of us is happy and it isn’t my mistress!