Sunday 12th August 2007

I have been having a bit of a ‘which came first the chicken or the egg?’ sort of discussion with myself. When you read a newspaper or watch television, you have to wonder whether the media reflects the thinking of its readership or views or whether the views expressed by the media, are taken on by those that consume them. Having a bit of time on my paws to think has led to my contemplating the pet Dogs Democratic Party and how we expand out remit. Is the  trick, perhaps to buy a newspaper and start to express our views through it? Would everyone start thinking that as it was printed in the paper, it must be right. I don’t suppose my pocket money would stretch as far as buying one but maybe I need to get to know a few journalists so that they can write wonderful things about the aims of the Party and of course about its leader. You can see it now, me being quoted in the morning papers; “The handsome, sophisticated leader of the PDDP, Mr Alfie Dog, aged 20 months, said today that…” I could be interviewed for television. I think it would be good to have the setting as my spot in the office by the window as I proclaim a 15 second sound-bite “The rights of dog’s are imperative and need to be taken seriously at all levels. Every working dog should be covered by the normal employment legislation affecting his rights, and there should be equal pay for work of equal value between dogs and humans.” Maybe they could film me addressing the Party conference although I might have to get some of my friends to sit in the audience and clap their paws and cheer in all the appropriate places. “Dog’s of the world unite. We have a mission and we will not be discouraged.” All I need to do then is work out what the mission is!