Saturday 11th August 2007

I wonder which day exactly my master and mistress are planning to ‘inflict’ some culture on the children. It was my mistress’s idea, but I’m guessing they will realise that and if they don’t they will blame her anyway. As she said, “what is the point in going to somewhere you have never been, somewhere with so much history, if you can’t get to know a bit more about it.” Unfortunately, the children don’t always share her view of the world. Culture is going to watch a film at the cinema and then have a burger when you come out. That is of course a type of culture and it is perfectly acceptable, however it wasn’t quite what my mistress had in mind. I think she is trying to get her own back for the Cathedrals and churches she was taken round as a child. In reality does she really know her ‘dog toothed doorways from her Norman arches’? I suppose given that it is an Island that boasts one of the original seven wonders of the world, rather than the ones recently voted for on the internet, as well as having its capital declared a World heritage Site, she may have a point. My master may be more interested in the fact that ‘The Guns of Navarone’ was filmed there, but the children may not get excited about any of those things. They are more likely to want to swim, snorkel, and go on a boat. I wonder who will win.

My decisions are a little more straightforward this week. Shall I go and play tug with Spencer, or shall I chase round for a few hours? I am trying very had to show I am not a wimp and that I don’t just play rough as long as it is another dog on the bottom of the pile. In my defence, last time I was accused of being a wimp I did go home having skinned two of my elbows and with a wound in my ear, so I wasn’t putting it all on, (just most of it).