Tuesday 7th August 2007

You turn your back for five minutes and what happens? The moles, that’s what happens. They pretended to have gone away, so that we would go away for a few days and leave them a free run. We may as well have left them with a key. When we got back they were everywhere. Typical isn’t it, they wait until the man has taken away all the traps and then they move in on mass. I guess it is mole revenge for us trying to get rid of them, personally I see it as a challenge. The gauntlet has been thrown down and never let it be said that I am not a dog who will rise to a challenge, even when the challenger is a mole!

We had a very funny conversation with a French customs bloke the other day. He asked my mistress whether she had anything to declare, she was leaving the country at the time so I’m not really sure what he had in mind. He got all a bit confused about her driving a Belgian car but being English. She explained that she lived in Belgium so he asked what she did. Well she told him she was a writer and then he got very excited wanting to know if she might have written anything he would have heard of. Poor chap, she is having enough problems getting published in England without already being translated into French. He asked to see her passport, not for official purposes but so he could see her name written down to be able to remember it, in the end she gave him one of her business cards and he went away happy. Perhaps she should have signed it for him as well. Personally, I think it just shows how mundane it must be, most of the time, being a customs official.