Monday 6th August 2007

Here we are again, all back at home in Belgium, one big happy family. The breakables have been put away, the lovely black table has a thick plastic cover on it, my mistress has hidden her sweets and the cupboards are stocked with junk food. I’m starting to suspect my mistress as being like Jekyll and Hyde. One half of her personality is a writer who eats plain, home prepared food, lives a quiet and fairly low cost existence and the other is a frantic step-mum juggling the dietary requirements of people who don’t like any of the things she normally eats and who constantly make noise and leave mess. What amazes me is that despite all that she still seems to love them. The occasions where they say please and thank you and are nice to her, make her day. I try to give her extra love and attention to make up for the trauma but to be honest it is partly because I am trying to escape from the chaos that replaces my usual quiet existence. I suppose I am going to be subjected to learning some new trick or other, I may also end up in trouble for being too rowdy but I never start it, really I don’t. I just forget not to join in.

On the good news front my mistress’s car has gone to have its satellite navigation system fitted so hopefully we will find our way a little easier than we have been doing. We have never yet got totally lost, but I do suspect some of our journeys may have taken rather longer than they should have done. It’s the shortcuts that usually do it. They have been known to add many kilometres to the journey. To be fair ‘shortcuts’ that turn out to be ‘longcuts’ are more my master’s area of expertise.