Thursday 2nd August 2007

I had a bit of a discussion about the meaning of ‘single bed’ last night. To be fair we have the same discussion every time we stay here. My mistress starts by saying “A single bed is so called because it is designed for one person. Alfie with you trying to get on, there is not enough room for me”.  This leads to me being cheeky and answering back “Well my basket’s free you could use that.” This is closely followed by my being hoisted, unceremoniously onto the floor and having to make my way back into my basket, before waiting until she has dozed off and trying again. I see it as much as a game as anything. I’m not absolutely sure she sees it in the same light.

My granddad has been telling me that for his birthday this year he has booked to go on the first day the Eurostar goes from St Pancras instead of Waterloo. He is going to Paris rather than coming to see us in Belgium. My mistress says it will be much easier for her to get to England when she can do that as it will save going across London and will cut the journey time on the train itself. I got all excited as I really do want to go by train, but she says they don’t let you take dogs on Eurostar. What kind of train service is that? Don’t take dogs indeed! When my mistress has travelled by train recently she has seen a number of dogs, some of them travelling first class and I really am thinking it is something that I want to try. I have to sit on the floor, which isn’t ideal but it is better than nothing and try as I might I really am too big to fit on my mistress’s knee.